Over ten thousand hours of footage, competitive rates and expert, personalized service makes Stock Video one of the video industry's oldest and most respected stock footage houses.

Founded in 1985, STOCK VIDEO is one of the largest and most respected stock footage houses in the country with thousands of hours of film and video stock footage...all catalogued and available for your immediate use! If you don't see what you're looking for, please call 978-449-0065, or email us at info@stockvideo.com with your request. Chances are we've got the right shot. Enjoy!


  • Licensing Rates start at $25.00 per second with a 10 second overall minimum order, (there are no clip minimums!). All requests are researched free of charge.
  • Preview Reels typically average $50.00 in cost depending on the scope of the job; however, in many cases this fee is waived or discounted with your order.
  • Master Duplication rates range between $150.00 and $250.00. Cost may vary according to number of cuts and formats.
  • We accept credit cards: Visa, AmEx and Master Card.

The producer need only call (978-449-0065) or e-mail (info@stockvideo.com) the SMPTE numbers to our office to order the desired footage. Our staff will then access the master footage and dub the desired footage onto Beta-SP, or Mini DV tape. We will also digitize and upload footage for a client’s use. We do not allow master tapes to leave our facility.

All per-second charges are considered a non-exclusive licensing fee for a one-time use of footage leased from the owners of that footage through STOCK VIDEO acting as brokers. Any stock footage obtained through STOCK VIDEO may not be copied, re-recorded, re-used, re-sold or modified by electronic paint systems for any purpose without a license.